Affluent clients often belong to families comprised of several generations: individuals with differing values, preferences, objectives, and geographic locations.  They may have a number of tax entities, accounts, service institutions, and professional advisory relationships.  When these variables act independently of one another and pursue separate objectives, it can result in a fragmented, and unnecessarily risky, financial picture for your client.  These complex relationships require effective management and a well-organized process: your clients need wealth management that seeks well-defined, strategic objectives, and tracks success with quality and performance measures.

While M Wealth recognizes that a number of professionals play the role of wealth strategist, we believe this role is most naturally suited to those whose primary experience is based in investments, and who maintain a generalist’s knowledge of each of the other core advisory disciplines.  This enables a holistic approach to wealth management that helps clients, not just manage their wealth, but achieve personal goals and build their legacy.